Myenya Cattery

Myenya Russians

Myenya Russians is a small cattery located in Adelaide. We are a member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia and follow their code of ethics. A dedicated and registered breeder, we are only a small cattery, raising a couple of litters at any one time, ensuring all kittens are well-loved and given as much attention and handling as possible.

Finding the right breeder and kitten for you is an important process. Take your time and ask questions of the breeder. Don't be put off by the breeder asking you questions. We want to ensure that our kittens are going to the right home for the kitten as well as the new family. Cat shows are a good way to meet and talk to breeders and to see the cats that make up their catteries. Registered breeders can provide so much more than just a pedigree for their kittens - ensuring kittens conform to breed standard and breeding responsibly to ensure healthy kittens.

When looking for a kitten, visit the cattery and ask to see the parents. Take a look at where the kittens are raised. Stay away from kittens raised in cages, overcrowded, dirty and poorly kept catteries, or kittens that are sickly in appearance. Look for kittens where the cats are housed in clean, healthy, controlled cattery environments. Kittens themselves should be raised in the home, not outside in the cattery, should be accustomed to being handled and should be active, friendly and outgoing, healthy and clean in appearance. Look for clean litter trays and feeding areas - use your eyes and nose!

Myenya kittens are ready to leave home at the age of 14-15 weeks once they are vet-checked, wormed, vaccinated and desexed. This gives each kitten a good grounding in socialisation, a fully functioning immune system and a start to their vaccination protocol. By 14-15 weeks, kittens are litter tray trained, eating independently and ready for mischief and fun.