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what is a russian?

Myenya Alena IlyushkaDistinctively elegant, the Russian is one of the most coveted shorthaired cats in Australia. As a companion, the Russian has much to recommend it. A quiet cat, it uses its voice once in a blue moon, is very affectionate and devoted, can be shy, gentle and home-loving, and bonds very closely with its owner. A Russian is also a highly intelligent cat, learning quickly and enjoying an adventure and stimulating play.

In appearance, the Russian is an aristocratic and regal looking animal. A medium-sized, well-muscled yet graceful cat with long legs and tail, a wedge-shaped face, distinctive whisker pads and upright ears. The double coat of a Russian is short, plush and lustrous and often compared to stroking a piece of silk.

Myenya Kazimir YuriushkaRussians are an appealing breed. They are extremely agile and light-footed when walking and playing, giving the impression of being on tip-toe, a feline ballerina. They have an amazing range of facial expressions, enhanced by prominent whisker pads that puff up in alarm or excitement, and will use these and their ever-moving tails to talk to you in silent communication rather than raise their voices. Whilst they display dignity, elegance and grace in movement, there is power and strength in a Russian and an underlying sense of mischief and fun without being destructive and naughty.

A delightful companion cat, a Russian will suit an individual or couple or become part of a family with ease. Russians can appear shy on first meeting, and they are cautious about unfamiliar situations or people. Given a moment, a Russian will relax and become very interested in what is happening. They are not a pushy breed preferring to wait for an introduction. Although some have simply not read the book on themselves and are natural socialites!

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